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Personal Training, Running Coach, TRX Trainer, Oswego, IL - "Everyone Deserves to be Healthy!"
 Private Personal Training at Affordable Rates.
Nicki Davis provides personal training for Aurora,Yorkville, Naperville, Plainfield and Oswego, IL.
S.E. Training Inc. is based in Oswego, IL. and was founded on the belief that "Everyone Deserves to be Healthy". S.E. Training is owned and operated by Nicki Davis.  

Nicki is an ACE personal trainer, as well as an and certified RRCA and TRX instructorShe enjoys working with adults, children and athletes of all ability levels.

Certified Personal Trainer and Running Coach Nicki Davis of Oswego, IL
"Everyone deserves to be healthy means just that!  I don't believe  that personal training should be priced so high that only the wealthy can afford it.  Learning to exercise properly should never be a "luxury".  Through flexible payment schedules, no packages to buy, and very affordable rates, I can share my love of fitness and help EVERYONE achieve their goals!   Everyone truly does deserve to be healthy!" 
-Nicki Davis

Nicki Davis quoted in the June 2011 edition of Runner's World Magazine
Nicki was a featured contributor in the
"Q&A-ASK THE EXPERT" section of the June 2011 edition of Runner's World Magazine.

Nicki monitoring form during an exercise session in her Oswego studio."I have been using Nicki for well over a year and am very, very happy! I went to her for muscle and strength building, as I already do a vast amount of on a daily basis, and am not in need of "." I have been more than pleased with my results, as well as Nicki's knowledge of exercise to it's core. She has a wonderful personality that carries over into her work, so you don't even feel like you're working out! If you are looking for an all around trainer that can encompass your , and conditioning needs, Nicki is DEFINITELY it! Thank you Nicki!!"
-Taylor R.
Working with the TRX at the Oswego studio.


Personal, Private Training in Oswego, IL."I signed my daughter up for personal training with Nicki several months ago.  After realizing how much my daughter benefited from her sessions with Nicki, I decided to sign up also.  I have been working with Nicki for three months and I can't believe how my strength and coordination improved in this short amount of time.  Nicki continually motivates you to do your best."
 -Georgianne D.
Nicki Davis giving one on one instruction on proper exercise form.
Youth Fitness with Instructor Nicki Davis 

"Miss Nicki is a great teacher.  Thanks for working with me to be the best I can be."
 -Maya D. (10 yrs. old)

Nicki showing proper form during a fitness class. 
Personal and Private Training with Certified Instructor Nicki Davis 
"I have been working with Nicki for over a year.  There were exercises in the beginning that I thought there was no way I could do, but a year later I am doing them, and doing them well.  She established an exercise routine that changed my body and made me feel better about myself.  Feeling better was my first objective, but looking better and fitting into my clothes more comfortably is a huge bonus.  Nicki is always making it interesting by mixing things up.  We have a lot of fun."
 -Jill E.
One on One Instruction with Nicki Davis at the Oswego personal training studio.


TRX Suspension Certified Trainer
Nicki's Certification with American Council on Exercise 

Nicki's Certification with Road Runners Club of America
My Personal Training Rate:
$45 per hour
(630) 518-7233

Oswego Personal Training serves cities in Kendall and Kane County:
Aurora, Yorkville, Naperville, Plainfield and Oswego, IL.